Navy Veteran. Husband. Businessman.

Adam Hattersley is a Navy veteran and small business owner focused on improving the lives of those in his community through public service. He believes the only way forward in this country is to put politics aside and send people to Washington who will work for their communities instead of themselves, their political parties or their big donors.

After serving in the Navy for eight years and then working for a Fortune 500 company for seven years in Riverview, FL, Adam and his wife opened a small business helping other small businesses promote themselves. In 2018, after more than a decade as a registered independent, Adam sought and won a seat in the Florida Legislature as a Democrat. 

On The Issues

Protecting our


Adam believes we have a basic responsibility to address climate change and leave a better, healthier, and safer world to our children and grandchildren.

Quality, Affordable


Adam believes every Floridian deserves access to quality, affordable health care. Adam will always work across party lines to develop real solutions to the challenges too many hardworking families face every day.

Supporting our


As a veteran, Adam has always valued service and put country before party. Adam has been a leading voice in the Florida House of Representatives on these issues and will bring that same leadership on veteran’s issues to Washington.

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