About Adam


Adam Hattersley is a Navy veteran and small business owner focused on improving the lives of those in his community through public service. He believes the only way forward in this country is to put politics aside and send people to Washington who will work for their communities instead of themselves, their political parties or their big donors.

Combat Veteran

Adam spent eight years as a nuclear submarine officer in the United States Navy protecting our country at home and abroad. Thinking of his father who volunteered to fight in Vietnam, Adam volunteered during the height of the Iraq War to deploy on the ground with a U.S. Army unit. He was awarded the Bronze Star for his service.

Adam completed his Navy service as an electrical engineering instructor at the U.S. Naval Academy. He moved to Riverview, Florida in 2009 where he worked for a Fortune 500 company for seven years relying on his data-driven background to lead a team responsible for training and managing hundreds of skilled technicians all over the world. In 2016, Adam and his wife opened a small business helping other small businesses promote themselves.

Adam has spent his life serving with honor and integrity and always putting country before party — and believes our leaders in public office should be held to that same standard. In 2018, after more than a decade as a registered independent, Adam sought and won a seat in the Florida Legislature as a Democrat. Focusing on the issues that matter to people across our communities, Adam serves in the Florida House of Representatives where he’s committed to lowering health care costs, honoring the service that veterans have made to our country and protecting public education.

Now, Adam is running for Congress to defend our Florida way of life and take back Washington from the career politicians who care more about their special interest donors and staying in power than the people they represent.

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